Why Photography Is Important

photographyWith the upgrade in technology over the years, cameras have been updated and upgraded as well. The settings, color and zoom features have all been expanded to evolve and meet the expectations of users. Ever since cameras were invented, photographers have played an important role. Throughout history they have provided good photos that tell stories of what happened, when it happened and why it happened. It has been said that a single photo is worth a thousand words; photography educates, entertain, and also informs the observer.

Below are a few stated facts why photography is important.

  • Photography tells us what is important to us; all through centuries, families have had photo albums, framed pictures and paintings as well. When you ask a person what they value most in their life, it’s their memories. These are all evident in photos that have been taken through time. Families tell of their great grandparents and loved ones who passed on through photography.
  • Photographs are part of our legacy; photographs hold a lot of information that are part of our legacy; first day of school, class photos and graduation photos. As you go through your album, you are reminded about your childhood, youth and adult life; all the stages you had to go through to get to where you are. Through that, you are able to capture and document some of the most important days of your life..
  • Sharing and communicating. Photography is a form of art that communicates a story, especially when it comes to lifestyle photographer. Through every picture you post and share, you get to communicate something about you that no one else knows. Photography speaks to us in different languages and through that we communicate our ideas, thoughts and interests.


Photography has been there since time memorial. It has enabled people access truths about the past and also carry on family legacies. See more Nunzio Prenna’s website here https://www.nunzioprenna.co.uk/ he is the UK’s best photography and owner of the 69 drops Studio in London.