Top 5 Interior Design Trends For 2016

The good thing about interior design is that it is a dynamic and ever evolving field; new trends and ideas keep on being invented, modified, and so on so forth. As a home owner or interior designer for that matter, you should always strive to keep yourself informed of the latest interior design trends. This is especially so, considering that some trends tend to be more stylish and fashionable; the same trends that were rocking 2 years ago, have been probably outdone by newer ones.

Below is a list of some of the top 5interior design trends in 2016;

  1. Use of large tiles; no matter how finely done your floor is, or the quality of your carpet, home owners are increasingly opting for tiles. And not just tiles, but large tiles. Even real estate agents concur that a tiled home always fetches more in the market compared to any other flooring option. Large tiles can be used on your living room, corridors, even inside your kid’s bedroom.
  2. Outdoor upholstery; tough fabrics and upholstery used to be a preserve of outdoor garden furniture like garden furniture; but not any longer. A new trend has emerged whereby upholstery is being used in dining chairs, and with excellent results
  3. Black Stainless steel; when buying your home electronics, silver and shiny stainless steel is no longer fashionable; got for black. Black is bold, and very attractive when used properly in the kitchen or living room. Black fridges, black cookers, microwave, etc.
  4. Bedroom wardrobes; one of the most popular trends when it comes to bedroom wardrobes, is going for walk-in wardrobes. They are spacious, unique, and very stylish when built in your home.

Modern Fitted Wardrobes by fcilondon

5. Sliding doors; sliding doors are gaining a lot of popularity, not just for your wardrobes, but also in ordinary home or office doors. Besides being unique and stylish, they help save a lot of space.

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