How To Get PCB Assembly Online Quote With Good Price?

Looking to get the cheap PCB assembly online quote with good price? You’ve definitely come to the right place; RayMing Technology is your one stop shop for all your PCB needs. For over a decade, we have been manufacturing and assembling high quality printed circuit boards for all your electrical needs.  The internet is full of scammers and substandard manufacturers who won’t hesitate to fleece you of your hard earned money. But with RayMing Technologies, you can rest assured 100% that we are a genuine, reputable manufacturer and assembler of high end PCB. Before we even get to our pocket friendly pricing, here’s a quick overview of everything you need to know about PCB;

  • Traditionally, printed circuit boards also known as printing wiring cards/ printing wiring boards; traditionally, these used to be manufactured via a tedious process involving point to point kind of wiring. Inevitably, these boards were highly prone to short circuits and breakdowns when the insulation started aging and cracking.
  • As more developments and advancements were made, the concept of wire tapping was developed. A small wire is wrapped all over a post for every connection point. This creates an airtight connection that’s both durable and easy to repair. Printed circuit boards rely on pads and lines to connect the different points. By using solder, points can be connected to carry electrical current efficiently without any unnecessary breakdowns.

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RayMing Technologies Assembly Capabilities:

Our state of the art equipment come in handy in helping us meet all your PCB assembly needs. Everything is done under one roof, which means that we’re able to respond to your requests in a matter of hours & offer you cheap PCB assembly. Usually, our services will range from 8 hours to 48 hours, depending on the complexity of your PCB needs. Some of the boards that we service include Aluminum boards, Rogers PCB, High Frequency PCB, Teflon, Flexible Rigid PCB, to mention a few. Whether you’re looking for a single board to use as a prototype or large scale production, RayMing Technology will get that done expeditiously. Our team relies on various technologies and materials to meet your board specifications. For instance, we always prefer FR4 to phenolics or epoxies; FR4 is more durable and withstands soldering with ease.

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Depending on your PCB needs and specifications, RayMing offers you the option of picking Standard manufacturing or Custom Spec. Our pricing and turnaround time are extremely favorable; plus we ensure that we inspect all boards to IPC-A600 Class 2 standards, even higher. For more details on the best option depending on your budget and specs, kindly feel free to drop us an email on Our instant online quote is easy to fill and you’ll be able to calculate what it’ll cost you. Once you’ve attached all your files, our very professional team will get back to you promptly so that we can discuss your PCB options.  RayMing undertakes thorough testing of all the assembled boards before we ship them.

Our Free, instant online quotation is only a click away! Get in touch today and find out why RayMing is your professional and affordable partner for all your PCB needs.