Fixed Braces are known as ‘Train Tracks’

The reason why fixed braces are commonly referred to as ‘train tracks’ is because they are non-removable braces. They are made of brackets which are usually glued to every tooth and then linked using wires. They take the appearance of a train track.

  • They are the most common dental fixture applied to patients. The same way that the use of trains is common, so is that of fixed braces. These braces help to transit from poor dental health to perfect health. In the same way train tracks help us to transit from station to station.
  • Fixed invisible braces are made out of metal and are therefore very noticeable. Once you wear them, everyone can tell that you are in them. It can be very embarrassing to explain why you have metal lodged in your teeth.
  • When an orthodontist inputs fixed braces into your teeth, they could take up to two years or even longer depending on the level of damage being fixed. Walking around with metal in your mouth for two years straight is no joke. It requires focus and determination. One could easily mistake your mouth for a train track.
  • When a fixed brace is installed into your teeth, it feels uncomfortable for awhile. You may also be asked to avoid certain foods like sweets and chocolates. The nonexistence of these things for months on end is torture.


Fixed braces are used to correct dental anomalies of various natures and forms. These braces finally improve teeth arrangement.


Installation of fixed braces is very important for dental health being promoted. If you feel your teeth are not in perfect shape, you can get braces for a while. To learn more about this procedure, you can visit specialists on   Nothing is impossible.